Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

     As everyone says this is an amazing film. When I saw the previews I didn't think it would be very good. They did not do the movie justice at all. The film is about a young boy just going to high school. Right away we know there is something wrong with him. But the audience doesn't know what is wrong with him. The main character Charlie is the amazing and very cute Logan Lerman. Charlie meets some very strange and different friends named Sam and Patrick. Sam and Charlie fall in love but there is something different. Charlie agrees to date someone else. See the story on the outside is literally of wallflowers that don't mean much to popular people. I liked all of the behind the scenes things. Charlie is different and they keep referring back to getting bad again. The audience doesn't exactly know what that means but we find out. Charlie refers to his aunt and how she was this amazing person but things start to come together when Charlie blacks out. When he blacks out he sees things again. The entire movie is like a big puzzle. The puzzle starts to come together and we realize all of the behind the scenes details are rough things. The movie is heartfelt and moving. Everything in the movie makes you laugh or cry. It follows the stories of these people that are realistic. Every teenager should see this movie!

"We accept the love we think we deserve." five star quote.

"And in this moment I swear, we are infinite." five star quote.

"You can't just sit there and put everybody's lives ahead of yours and think it counts as love." four star quote.

Logan Lerman as Charlie: 10

Emma Watson as Sam: 10

Ezra Miller as Patrick: 10

Overall The Perks of Being a Wallflower: 10

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Valentines Day

Valentines Day

     A love story filled with romance, triumphs, heartbreaks and of course love stories. Now at first the only thing that brought me to this movie were the amazing actors like Taylor Lautner, Anne Hathaway, and Ashton Kutcher. But then I realize there are so many more great actors in this movie then just them. The movie is about all different love stories. There is the guy with a wife and a girlfriend who finds out. There is the old couple with their problems and triumphs over them. The young couple that doesn't exactly know why they are together. The fiancĂ© who says yes and doesn't mean it. And the gay couples hiding from the world. Of course then there is the young couple that aren't sure how life works yet. And the people still in elementary school.
     I loved each different story and how they were all connected. Overall it was a cute romance that was sometimes funny but overall it was entertaining.

"There you have it folks. Young Love. Full of promise, full of hope, ignorant of reality." five star quote.

Bradley Cooper as Holden: 9
Jamie Foxx as Levin Moore: 10
Jennifer Garner as Julia Fitzpatrick: 10
Anne Hathaway as Liz: 10
Ashton Kutcher as Reed Bennett: 9
Taylor Lautner as Willy: 10
Overall Valentines Day: 9

The Moral Instruments City of Bones

The Moral Instruments City of Bones

     This was a movie mainly about a young girl who realizes she is not only different from the others but she also can see demons. A very handsome Jace (Jamie Campbell Bower) plays a shadow hunter. At first the only person from our world that can see him is Clary (Lily Collins). The movie begins with Clary seeing Jace. She has always known she is different and when she starts drawing these symbols she realizes just how different she is. As Jace connects with her Clary is the only person that sees him. He shows her and her friend Simon that they are not safe when her mother is taken. There is only way to get her mother back.
     The team joins up with other shadow hunters and they fight against demons to get Clary's mother back. There are many disgusting creatures and they could have dialed it down a bit on the grossness of some of the creatures. Some was unnecessary but of course this was a movie about demons. The love story was amazing between Clary and Jace and then of course there was the best friend that was in love with Clary, Simon. The only way to get Clary's mother back is to unlock the doors in her mind and find  her memories that have been hidden from her for so long. There were quite a few twists and turns through out the movie and I think one of the biggest ones was that the main bad guy was Clary's father. This made the entire story different and the ending was amazing while Clary fights to find the way back to her mother Jace realizes that he is the son of the same person. After thinking they were in love they both find out that instead they are brother and sister. That was defiantly a Star Wars moment if I ever saw one.
     Though there were some parts that were entirely too horror movie and not very believable if you put those aside and just look at it like a movie or a fantasy then it was a wonderful film. The acting was done very well. I only knew Jamie from Twilight as Caius and let me just say he was good in that movie but great in this one. Lily Collins was amazing in Abduction with Taylor Lautner and again in this movie. This was overall a very good movie.

"Everything you've heard…about monsters, about nightmares, legends whispered around campfires. All the stories are true." Three star quote.

"I've been hunting demons across the world in their varying different forms." three star quote.

Jamie Campbell as Jace: 10

Lily Collins as Clary: 10

Robert Sheehan as Simon: 9

Overall The Moral Instruments City of Bones: 8

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ultimate Catching Fire Movie Test Part 2

Ultimate Catching Fire Movie Test Part 2
Remember to be specific, answer fully and may the odds be ever in your favor!

  1. What did Peeta say when he gave her the locket?
  2. What was Peeta's response to, "What about you?" by Katniss?
  3. What did Katniss say after the answer to #44?
  4. What does Johna sat to Peeta and Katniss when they are on the beach?
  5. Who makes the plan with the lighting tree?
  6. What does Peeta see in the sky that makes him sad when the anthem plays?
  7. Who is the first person Katniss hears in the mockingjays?
  8. Finish the sentence: "Your fiancĂ© is right the whole________"
  9. Who does Finnick hear in the woods in the mocking jays?
  10. Who takes the night watch when the fog comes?
  11. How can the others help with the plan according to Beetee?
  12. Who stays with Beetee as guards?
  13. What is the last thing Katniss says to Peeta?
  14. What is Johanna doing when she cuts at Katniss's wrist?
  15. What does Johanna say after smearing blood on Katniss's neck?
  16. Who cuts the wire?
  17. Who was the first person Finnick was looking for?
  18. What does Finnick say so that Katniss won't shoot him?
  19. What does Katniss do that destroys the arena?
  20. Where does Katniss wake up after the arena is destroyed?
  21. Who does Katniss wake up next to?
  22. What does Haymitch sat about Katniss bringing a syringe in?
  23. Where is Peeta?
  24. WHo is in the room with Haymitch and Katniss on the hovercraft?
  25. Where are they all going?
  26. Why does Katniss attack Haymitch?
  27. What did Katniss call Hyamitch right before she blacks out?
  28. What is the last thing said in the movie?
  29. What did Haymitch promise Katniss in the beginning?
  30. What did Haymitch say to Katniss about deserving Peeta?
  31. What did Haymitch say about the train?
  32. What was Haymitch's response to "I came for a drink,"?
  33. What does Effie refer to all of them as?
  34. What were they all created by at District 11?
  35. Why was a man shot in District 11?
  36. What was an element taken away from the games?
  37. What did Peeta do to show the game maker and the people scoring him?
  38. What did Peeta say about the wave in the arena?
  39. What did Katniss do for her showing to the game maker and the people scoring her?
  40. How much time did they have to show their talent?
  41. Who showed Katniss how to see forcefeilds?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Catching Fire

Catching Fire

     This movie was absolutely amazing. I saw it twice already and I have to say it was very good. Jennifer Lawrence had a hard and dark part to play here and she played it very well and very believable. This starts out with Katniss having PTSD from the hunger games but turns into a fight to survive and keep her family alive too when President Snow says he doesn't believe her love life.
     Peeta and Katniss have trouble pretending to be in love so they become very good friends and then more then friends as the games goes on. They realize they do love each other but Katniss can't focus on anything but trying to survive. When they have to go back in the games things get difficult. The arena is more deadly then the first with a new terror at every hour. There was some very good acting in this movie and of course a wonderful story line. The movie followed the book so well and the things they left out were very little and of course you can't put everything in a movie.
     The best two new cast members were Sam Claflin and Jena Melone. Finnick and Johanna were very funny and played their characters perfectly. They were funny and brought a lot to the movie. And Woody Harrelson, Haymitch, brought out his character in this movie. He was funny yet serious and very wise. Effie was also brought out in this movie (Elizabeth Banks) along with her crazy outfits came a really nice personality and showed that she was part of the team and the group. The quotes in this movie were outstanding. A lot of them were straight from the book and perfectly fit the movie.

"I'll see you at midnight." five star quote.

"She sacrificed herself for me and I didn't even know her name." four star quote.

"Make 'em pay for it." five star quote.

"Remember who the real enemy is." five star quote.

"Stay alive." five star quote.

"I do. I need you." Five star quote.

"Want a sugar cube?" four star quote.

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen: 10
Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark: 10
Jena Melone as Johanna Mason: 10
Sam Clafin as Finnick Odair: 10
Woody Harrisen as Haymitch Abernathy: 10
Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket: 10
Overall Catching Fire: 10

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ultimate Catching Fire Movie Test Part One

Ultimate Catching Fire Movie Test Part One
Remember be specific don't skip anything. Remember to answer the question fully and think about it clearly. Answer in the comments section or email me the answers. 
May the odds be ever in your favor.

  1. Where is Katniss when you see her first?
  2. What does Katniss see when she tries to shoot the turkeys?
  3. What is Hyamitch's response to "Ask me what?"?
  4. Finish the sentence by Peeta, "I almost thought that___"
  5. What is Prim's response to "Yes to live,"?
  6. What does Peeta say when he fins out he has to propose?
  7. How many siblings does Rue have?
  8. Finish the sentence- "The tributes are to be reaped on______."
  9. What is the first district to rebel?
  10. What does Peeta try to give the families of Rue and Thresh?
  11. What does Katniss have to say about Panem on the victory tour that Effie wrote?
  12. What is Peeta's response when Katniss says, "Stay with me,"?
  13. What is the name of the new head peacekeeper?
  14. Who steps in front of Gale while he is being whipped?
  15. Who is with Katniss when the Quarter Quell is announced?
  16. Where is Peeta when he watches the Quarter Quell being read?
  17. Who is chosen as tribute for District 12?
  18. Who are the names of the tributes form District one?
  19. What victor changed their teeth to be sharp?
  20. What is Finnick payed on back in the Capitol?
  21. What is Peeta's response when Katniss says "He wanted to know all my secrets,"?
  22. What is Haymitch's response to "Thanks let's do it again sometime," by Johanna?
  23. Finish the sentence, "We don't have to destroy her____"
  24. How many seconds counted down the games?
  25. Who was on the right of Katniss in the beginning of the games in her quarter?
  26. Who does Katniss shoot in the leg?
  27. What is the symbol of the rebellion for Katniss to trust Finnick in the games?
  28. Who did Katniss want for allies?
  29. Who were the first two allies Katniss and Peeta got in the arena?
  30. What did the vote say from Haymitch when they received a spile?
  31. What was the first bad thing to happen from the clock?
  32. Why did Mags sacrifice herself?
  33. What helped the blisters form the fog?
  34. What were the creatures that attacked them?
  35. Who was the person that sacrificed themselves for Peeta?
  36. What did Johanna call Wiress and Beetee?
  37. What was the rain Johanna for caught in?
  38. What did Johanna say about Blight?
  39. What did Effie say about the victors village?
  40. Why did Katniss know the arena was a clock?
  41. What happened at midnight in the arena?
  42. Who was on the pictures in the locket that Peeta showed Katniss?

Saturday, November 9, 2013

THE HUNGER GAMES : Catching Fire Trailer 2

Can't wait for Catching Fire? Only 13 more days!!!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ultimate Hunger Games Test Part One

This is the Ultimate Hunger Games Test Part One!
Answer in the comments section!
Remember to be specific! Read the questions carefully! Be careful with your answers! Go for it!
May the odds be ever in your favor!
  1. Who says the first sentence in the movie?
  2. How many times was Gale's name in the pot for the reaping?
  3. How many times was Prim's name in the pot for the reaping?
  4. What did Greasy Sae tell Katniss when she gave her the mockingjay pin?
  5. Who is crying in the car on the way to the train?
  6. What did a tribute beat another tribute with in the old Hunger Games Katniss was watching on the train?
  7. What did Katniss stab on the train with Haymitch?
  8. How many piercings does Cinna have?
  9. What does Peeta say when Cinna tells him, "It's not real flame,"
  10. What does Peeta say when he try's to hold Katniss's hand?
  11. What did President Snow call the Hunger Games?
  12. Which level does District 12 stay on in the hotel?
  13. What does Haymitch pick up to eat when he tells Katniss, "we will be going down at nine,"
  14. What does Katniss say Peeta can throw right over his head?
  15. Where does Katniss shoot the squirrel every time?
  16. What was Rue's score?
  17. What was Peeta's score?
  18. Finish the sentence, "I just don't want to be another_________." quote by Peeta
  19. What was Katniss's response to "I guess I'll see you tomorrow?"
  20. Where is Gale when the games begin?
  21. Who does Katniss run ninth after she's in the woods in the games?
  22. Where does Katniss sleep in the games?
  23. Where does Katniss get burned?
  24. Who is the first career tribute to spot Katniss?
  25. Where is Katniss when she is first spotted?
  26. What does Glimmer call Katniss as Katniss climbs up a tree?
  27. What is Katniss's suggestion to Cato when she's in the tree, "Why don't you_____."
  28. What district is Cato from?
  29. How many times was Katniss stung by the Tracker Jackers?
  30. Who does Katniss see in the woods after she is stung by Tracker Jackers?
  31. How many arrows does Katniss shoot at the bad of apples before they drop?
  32. What does Marvel throw that kills Rue?
  33. What did Rue ask right before she died?
  34. What did Katniss tell Rue once she had died?
  35. Finish the Sentence: "Two victors may be____ if they both ___________."

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect

     Funny. That's the first thing you think of when you see Pitch Perfect. This movie is none stop funny.  Every other line is hilarious. The quotes are the funniest out every movie. This comedy is so different from other comedy's because it adds an element of a musical. I loved the songs and the music was even funny. Anna Kendrick did an amazing job in Twilight but in this she really shined. Who new she had such an amazing voice? Her song, Cups, went crazy and there wasn't one teenager (and adult) that didn't love that song. (If you didn't your crazy). Anna Kendrick really came out of her shell here and has become a big star because of this movie.
     Of course there is Rebel Wilson. She is one of the funniest people. She has also been in What to Expect When Your Excepting, where she was hilarious in her role. She was one of the best actors in this movie. Skylar Astin was not only an amazing singer but a great actor that a more serious role sometimes in this movie. He added the element of romance as did Anna Kendrick. Pitch Perfect is so different from other movies with Romance, comedy, and musicality. There was no shortage of funny in this movie.

"So what's your deal? Are you like one of those girls whose all dark and mysterious then she takes off her glasses and that amazing scary ear spike and you realize she was beautiful the whole time?" five star quote.

"I'm gonna finish him like a cheesecake," four star quote.

"Yeah no don't put me down for cardio," four star quote.

Anna Kendrick as Becca: 10
Brittany Snow as Chloe: 10
Skylar Astin as Jesse: 10
Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy: 10
Alexis Knapp as Stacie: 10
Overall Pitch Perfect: 10

Saturday, September 21, 2013

G.I. Joe Retaliation

G.I. Joe Retaliation

     This is a great film with a lot of great actors and quotes. The Rock was perfect for Roadblock equally funny and compelling. Channing Tatum is great in every movie of course. He creates a legacy that he leaves behind for his character. I am sure Channing Tatum wasn't very happy about not doing action the entire movie but what he was in was great. Adrianne Palicki was a great actress in Red Dawn as Toni. And now she is Lady Jaye. She was beautiful when she had to be but had a real story. She did well being one of the only females in the group. She was funny and precise with her character. Bruce Willis is one of the best actors of all time! In the Die Hard movies he couldn't have been better! Bruce Willis was hilarious and perfect for the role of Joe. And come on his house is more then cool. The guns in the cabinets and under the seat cushions. The grenades in the fruit basket. And the tank in the garage was the coolest thing! The settings of the entire movie were done very well. Snake Eyes was played by the same guy that played Darth Maul in Star Wars. No wonder he could do all of those tricks. The audience could be a bit confused for a number of different things. One, didn't Snake Eyes die in G.I. Joe Rise of the Cobra? Where did Lady Jaye come from and what happened to the last girl that was in Rise of the Cobra? Why did she disappear? But I do have to say Retaliation was much better then the first. The first was very space movie and the acting could have been a bit better too. G.I. Joe Retaliation kept your attention and was enjoyable.

"Drive it like you stole it!" five star quote.

"As your good friend, you need a new catchphrase." five star quote.

"Well the good news is no global warming summit next month." five star quote.

"In the immortal words of Jay-Z, Whatever deity my guide my life, dear lord don't let me die tonight. But if I shall die before I wake I'd accept my fate." five star quote.

"Anyone ever tell you, you fight ugly." five star quote.

"Let's move! The world ain't saving itself." five star quote.

Channing Tatum as Duke: 10
The Rock as Roadblock: 10
Adrianne Palicki as Lady Jaye: 9
Bruce Willis as Joe: 10
Overall G.I. Joe Retaliation: 8

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Narnia The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe

Narnia the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

     Welcome to the magical land of Narnia. The actors are merely children in this film but act very well. This movie was so well put together who didn't believe in Narnia when they were a kid? Thanks to this movie I sure did and I don't plan to stop. Anna Popplewell was my first favorite actress aside from Vanessa Hudgens. Actually before this URL was brittanymovies it was annarules101. She was my favorite. I loved the way she played the character, Susan Pevensie. Georgie Henley was so small and young in this film but she had to act like a little kid that wasn't understood. She did a very good job but I think that Skander Keynes had a tougher acting challenge. He not only had to be the kid that wasn't understood he also couldn't be on his families side. I think he did a wonderful job creating this character and then bringing him on the journey that the audience felt. We all felt the journey and we all watched it as he lived it. Peter was leader of the family and had to show more courage then a thirteen year old boy should have. This movie had the right amount of action and the right amount of imagination. It was only the beginning of the Narnia's and I think they only got better. Of course nothing can over shine how it all started with a little girl and some curiosity.

"For Narnia and for Aslan!" five star quote.

"Do not cite the deep magic to me witch. I was there when it was written." five star quote.

"To the radian southern sun I give you Queen Susan the Valiant." five star quote.

"And to the clear northern sky I give you King Peter the Magnificent." five star quote.

William Moseley as Peter Pevensie: 10
Anna Popplewell as Susan Pevensie: 10
Skander Keynes as Edmund Pevensie: 10
Georgie Henley as Lucy Pevensie: 10
Overall Narnia the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe: 10



     Another film with Taylor Lautner's amazing acting and great looks. As him the main character in this movie he had to play a very angry teenager who just wants to party. But when he realizes that the people living in his house aren't his parents he begins to question his life. When he finds out that he is on a missing persons website he wants to know who he really is. It wasn't his mission to find out but the people who killed his parents want him too. The first time the audience see's this film it is confusing and like the Bourne movies you have to watch it twice to understand what is truly going on. Lily Collins who plays his love interest isn't as well known as Taylor Lautner. But she was a very good actress. Her character is only dragged into it all and their chemistry was out of this world. Every audience member loved the scene on the train. The entire movie was very well put together and very well acted through as well. Almost all of the movie is just about Taylor and Lily. Lily's character Karen, must play hard to get until of course Nathan finds out his life has been a lie. Then they become a team and have to run away together. They don't even know what their running from but it is their search and mission to find out. This movie is very well acted and well done. It has the perfect amount of action and romance. It's perfect. The quotes are out of this world.

"If you wanna play by no rules you better be careful what you let out the box." five star quote.

"Trust needs to be earned." five star quote.

"Yeah but you gotta admit it was one pretty exciting first date." five star quote.

"You wanna drink like a man let's see if you can fight like one." five star quote.

Taylor Lautner as Nathan: 10
Lily Collins as Karen: 10
Overall Abduction: 10

Friday, September 13, 2013

Charlie St. Cloud

Charlie St. Cloud

     Zac Efron was so good in this movie. He had to be so incredibly emotional and did a great job acting through his character. I believed every minute of it. The audience cries when his little brother dies. We feel what Charlie feels when he wants to be with Sam. The audience feels bad for Charlie but at the same time is right there with him. Though the first time I watched this I didn't get all the details the second time I understood. The audience thinks Tess and Charlie are together when really Charlie is just seeing her spirit and interacting with what he thinks is Tess. But it is only her spirit, really she has almost died. Charlie must believe that Sam wont be mad if he leaves. Charlie never really has to say goodbye to Sam but when he doesn't meet him one day Sam forgives him. And Sam's soul is let free. This is a very emotional, sad, happy, scary, confusing, romantic movie. I loved it the first time I saw it and every time after that. Charlie might feel like he can see these people but others just think he's crazy. The audience tries to put the puzzle together but little do we know we are missing some pieces. In the end they give us those pieces to create a masterpiece that is Charlie St. Cloud.

Zac Efron as Charlie St. Cloud: 10
Amanda Crew as Tess: 9
Charlie Tahan as Sam St. Cloud: 10
Overall Charlie St. Cloud: 10



     Elysium had a wonderful story line. It was a very well done movie. The graphics were great, the characters were done well but it was a little too gory for my taste. It wasn't gross but it was unnecessarily gross. I did like the way they portrayed years from now. They show the horrible provisions and land on Earth. The sets were really well done and the acting by Matt Damon and the other actors was good as well. Matt Damon looked great in this film, as he does every other film, and he really felt the part. The child was a great touch. They added a child that needed to go to Elysium and in the end **Spoiler Alert** he gives his life for her. It is a very sweet and great film that is done. However overall I was not happy that I saw it. The goriness of the film was too much and I didn't like that it took away from the film. It made the film become impossible, that someones face could be blown off from a bomb and then be reconstructed. It seems impossible. Also the butcher with the dirty knife and the bloody apron in a dark creepy concrete room has been done in horror movies before. It seemed more like a horror movie and less like an action movie. The entire movie was a very good concept and well done but annoying for someone who wants to just watch the entire movie without feeling like a horror movie.

Matt Damon as Max: 10
Jodie Foster as Delacourt: 9
Overall Elysium: 6

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Hunger Games

Hunger Games

     People either love it or hate it. Some people hate it because they hate the concept of children killing children. Though I hate the concept I love the way it is portrayed. The author and the film makers portrayed in such a way that it is terrible and it is something that should never ever happen. But the characters are what made it something. I had never seen Jennifer Lawrence in any other film before. But she did an amazing job with her character. I had however seen Josh Hutcherson in other films when he was a child. Now he shows his other side. His scared, tough, ready, killer side. They also had to pick the perfect tributes. I think the chose the best for Cato, Clove and Rue. They acted the best like the characters in the book out of all the tributes. Clove was the creepiest, scariest, dirtiest, little mischievous fifteen year old I have ever seen. It made the people wonder what went on in her district and in her family for her to act like that. Cato was a scary, mean person the entire games until the end. During the end the audience actually felt bad for Cato. Rue was the epitome of a the little underdog. No body thought she would win. She never killed anybody and never really got close to anybody, all she wanted to do was survive. And that's what she did for a very long time. She showed people who Katniss really was. Peeta of course helped and Katniss became something. Jennifer Lawrence did it all, when she volunteered for Prim, when she met Peeta, when she sang to Rue, when she kissed Peeta, when she killed Cato, when she became a victor, when she came home...she is hope. I am so glad that they picked Josh Hutcherson for the role of Peeta Mellark, no one else could have done a better job. I have read all three books and can see him in the character. He is Peeta. That is exactly what they were looking for. Now some people say the book was better than the movie. If they did add everything that was in the book in the movie it would have been even longer and it was already over two hours. I do wish they would have added when Katniss and Peeta were by the river. There was real chemistry in that moment in the book and I know the audience would have loved it. The scenes they would not have the audience wants in deleted scenes. Though the film was amazing in some elements it was missing. But the actors were great.

"If I'm going to die, I want to still be me." five star quote.

"Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor!" five star quote.

"You have to win, Katniss." four star quote.

"I don't want to forget," five star quote.

Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen: 9
Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark: 10
Amandla Senburg as Rue: 10
Alexander Ludwig as Cato: 10
Isabelle Fuhrman as Clove: 10
Overall Hunger Games Score: 8

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Breaking Dawn Part 2

Breaking Dawn Part 2

     This is the most different of the Twilights. Bella is no longer a human. Now she stands taller, acts stronger, wiser, smarter, and more confident then she was before. Taylor Lautner did a great job portraying his new character. though he is still Jacob Black he has imprinted on Renesmee Cullen and no longer feels a large passion for Bella. He is now in love with Renesmee and feels very protective over her. Of course we can't forget everyone has changed in this film. All of the sudden everyone thinks it's all going to be okay. Until the Volturi comes. Kristen had to show that she was scared but she was ready for it. The battle was the most epic moment I have ever seen in a movie aside from the end of Bourne Ultimatum. I loved the way they showed the battle. They showed it as if it was actually happening and it was not just one of Alice's vision. I went to go see it on the special 10:00pm premiere the day before in the Twilight marathon. We all thought as the audience that Carlisle, Jasper, Seth and Leah have really died. I think everyone cried histarichally when they saw it for the first time. I know I did. They also brought in a lot of new vampires that all acted very well for what they could. Most of them didn't have lines but I wish they really would have added some lines for the Amazons and the Irish coven. The actors had to be really and truly into their character and the other characters to act in the right way. Every actors reaction was so perfect and on point. I love this film. Every element of the film was great and it was just perfect. A lot of true Twilight fans had to wait so long for this movie to come out and I was definitely excited when it came.

"We're the same temperature now," four star quote.

"I thought we'd be safe for forever. But forever isn't as long as I hoped." five star quote.

"Carlisle, I've never thanked you for this extraordinary life." five star quote.

"Now you know nobody's ever loved anybody as much as I love you," five star quote.

Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan Cullen: 10
Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen: 10
Billy Burke as Charlie Swan: 10
Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen: 10
Mackenzie Foy as Renesmee Cullen: 10
Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black: 10
Overall Breaking Dawn Part 2: 9

Monday, September 9, 2013

Breaking Dawn Part 1

Breaking Dawn Part 1

     This was the first Twilight that I saw on opening day. It was the best of the Twilights at the time. The wedding was completely gorgeous and I think that Ashley Greene let her character, Alice Cullen show a new side of herself. When Bella was pregnant Alice was no longer on her side. Also Nikki Reed changed her perspective on Rosalie as well. Rosalie was now Bella's friend and was always at her side. Nikki did a very good job making more about the baby and less about Bella. She understood Bella more but was not there just for her, if Bella wasn't pregnant she wouldn't be this way. Taylor Lautner had to change his character, Jacob Black to someone who is only there for Bella. He had to be stronger and found that he didn't want to follow Sam any more. The movie was very well done. I do wish however that they added some of the dialogue straight from the book. The birth was almost exactly how I saw it in the book. The got it just right. One of the best parts of the movie is when Jacob imprints on Renesmee. Taylor Lautner did a wonderful job creating the feeling of hate and anger until he see's her for the first time. It's as if the audience is falling in love with Renesmee for the first time too as we look in her eyes. The movie ending couldn't have been better. It was the perfect ending to the movie. It was a closure of the first part but the beginning of the next. It left the audience wondering what will happen next but it left us knowing they are safe for now.

"No measure of time with you will be long enough, but let's start with forever." Five star quote.

"You kill her, you kill me." Five star quote.

"Childhood is not from birth to a certain age and at a certain age the child is grown and puts away childish things. Childhood is the place where nobody dies," Five star quote.

Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan: 10
Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen: 10
Nikki Reed as Rosalie Hale: 9
Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen: 9
Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black: 9
Booboo Stewart as Seth Clearwater: 10
Julia Jones as Leah Clearwater: 10
Overall Breaking Dawn Part 1: 9



     When this film begins there is a wonderful poem recited by Bella from Robert Frost. This poem sums up her entire decision on everything she is doing right now. In the beginning Edward asks Bella to marry her quiet a few times. Though it is about six times, Robert makes it sound perfect each time. In this film two new werewolves were introduced. Leah and Seth Clearwater were played by Julia Jones and Booboo Stewart. They both did such an amazing job playing them except Julia might have overplayed it a little bit. She was definitely the mean girl but she was supposed to be more of a "I don't care," type of person. But she seemed to care a lot about everything in a negative. There was not a chance for her to show how protective of Seth Leah was in Eclipse but in the next movie Julia Jones did an amazing job portraying the older sister. Seth and Leah were only introduced in this film and were then created bigger and better for the fourth, they became all time favorites for a lot of the fans. I mean who doesn't like a female werewolf? She is the only one ever in history so it lets the audience think something must be different about her. Bella grows a lot in this film as kristen Stewart does. In the opening seen when Bella and Edward are in the meadow the audience can really tell that their relationship has grown a lot. They look older and act older they even become more responsible. Now Jacob has grown up a lot. He becomes older and someone who thinks he is truly in love with Bella. Taylor Lautner could not have portrayed it better. He seems desperate but only because of his love for her. The team Edward people feel bad for him. The kiss him and Bella share on the snowy mountain was the best part of the movie. Bella's friends grow up a lot too. Jessica Stanley played by Anna Kendrick becomes a women of true talent. She is the one that gives the amazing speech that everyone wants to give on their graduation day. I know I do! The Cullen's are much happier interacting with the humans now. Alice talks like her normal Alice self around Bella's friends. Jasper looks much less scary and tortured and more in love with Alice. Emmett and Rosalie of course are their normal selves but we start to understand Rosalie more. When she told her background story I think the audience felt bad that Rosalie went through that and understand why she doesn't want Bella to be a vampire. We learn a lot about Jasper too. We never understood why he was different from the others. But now we understand that he cant help it, he wasn't around human blood long enough to control himself like the others do. I like Jasper a lot more. Jackson Rathbone and Nikki Reed did a good job really moving the characters along and helping them to sort of grow up. The entire movie is about growing up and by the end Bella and Edward are ready to get married. But Jacob doesn't know what he is going to do.

"Some say the world should end in fire, some say in ice. From what I've tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if I had to perish twice I think I know enough of hate to say that for destruction ice is also great. And would suffice," five star quote.

"If I would have met you back then I would have courted you, we would have taken chaperoned strolls and ice tea on the porch. Maybe even stolen a kiss or two. But only after asking your father's permission I would have got down on one knee and presented you with a ring. This was my mothers, Isabella Swan I promise to love you every moment forever would you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me?" five star quote.

"Trying to walk and chew gum at the same time again Bella?" four star quote.

Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan: 10
Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen: 10
Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black: 10
Booboo Stewart as Seth Clearwater: 9
Julia Jones as Leah Clearwater: 8
Anna Kendrick as Jessica Stanley: 9
Jackson Rathbone as Jasper Hale: 10
Nikki Reed as Rosalie Hale: 9
Overall Eclipse: 10

New Moon

New Moon

     This film introduces all of the werewolves to the audience. We learned a little bit about the werewolves before but now was time for the fun part. Of course all of the teenagers girls scream when they see the werewolves. This is just one of the amazing qualities they put into the werewolves. Each Quileute had to be picked so perfectly or risk messing up the entire thing. Jacob Black played by Taylor Lautner was so well picked he became extremely famous. I mean what girl didn't want to marry him? Paul was the best chosen because he fits perfectly. Every aspect of his character made sense with the character in the story. Alex (as Paul) made you feel angry with Paul but also in love with him at the same time. Quil was another great find. Tyson Housemen played his character, the funny kind of quirky kid that just tries to fit in with the big guys. Sam Uley is someone that everyone almost dislikes from the beginning and I personally began to dislike him more and more through out the movies. Chaske Spencer did a wonderful job creating the dislike slowly but making sure there was a hint of trust. Now everyone has to agree with me that Embry was the cutest of the werewolves in New Moon (not including Jacob). He was funny and very likable. It is a very good thing the casting directors picked right because these werewolves will be there until the end. The actors then acted through the next four movies. Taylor was such a good actor in all of the movies but people who were team Edward might turn to team Jacob after watching this one. He made the audience fall in love with him. We fell in love with his relationship with Bella and wanted it to go forward but Edward stepped in. Though this is not my favorite Twilight it is very important in the mix of them.

"These violent delights have violent ends and in their triumph die like fire and powder which as they kiss consume," five star quote.

"Have you ever had a secret one you couldn't tell anyone? One that wasn't yours to share?" four star quote.

Chaske Spencer as Sam Uley: 9
Alex Meraz as Paul: 10
Kiowa Gordan as Embry Call: 10
Tyson Housemen as Quil Ateara: 9
Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black: 10
New Moon Overall: 8

Sunday, September 8, 2013



     This film begins with what I think is one of the best quotes. The people who were in this film created a legacy. Kristin Stewart was the perfect person for the part of Bella Swan. She was awkward, new, and played just like Bella was in the book. As Bella slowly starts to realize the different things about Edward we realize them with her. Robert Pattinson was again amazing in yet another film. Twilight was the beginning of an amazing miracle that will forever be a legacy. They had to find great actors for all of the Cullen's. When Jessica and Angela introduced the Cullen's they were introducing the actors that would forever be them. Nikki Reed as Rosalie Hale was the perfect mix between mean and jealous. I believed it all. Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen was strong, tough but I think he could have been in love with Rosalie a bit more. Jackson Rathbone as Jasper Hale was supposed to like he was in pain all the time which he played very well. Though I think he could have dialed it down a little bit in the beginning. Ashley Greene made the perfect Alice Cullen. She was sweet and acted just like a dark mystical pixie. Taylor Lautner was only introduced as Jacob Black briefly in Twilight but grew so much every girl was in love with him. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson had the perfect amount of chemistry. 

"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb." Five star quote.

Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen: 10
Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan: 9
Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen: 10
Jackson Rathbone as Jasper Hale: 8
Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen: 9
Nikki Reed as Rosalie Hale: 10
Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black: 10
Overall Twilight: 9

Remember Me

Remember Me

     This film is one of the most heart wrenching films I have ever seen. It also has some of the best quotes as well. Robert Pattinson is a top notch amazing actor and couldn't have been more perfect for this spot. I have never seen Emilie de Ravin in another movie before this one and she was great for this part. I can not think of someone who would work better for this part. She was not over shined by Robert but he was the best actor in this film. He plaid his character very well and made me believe what he was going through. This movie was one of the best romance tales of all time. Robert and Emilie play a great couple and the ending was the most unexpected element in a movie. I would have never expected it had anything to do with September eleventh. The movie captured their life perfectly and the ending was so sad it made the audience leave holding their breath. This was done in 2010 but it wasn't forgotten. When you take something as sad as 9/11 and then throw a romance story with an amazing actor like Robert Pattinson you have created a masterpiece with a lot of crying. The audience will definitely remember this one.

"Gandhi said that whatever you do in life will be insignificant but it's very important that you do it. I tend to agree with the first part." Tyler. Five star quote.

"Live in the moment," Five star quote.

"I have only ever seen him look at one girl the way he looks at you. And she's a lot shorter and shares his DNA. Just give him another chance," Four star quote.

Robert Pattinson as Tyler: 10
Emilie de Ravin: 9
Chris Cooper as Sergeant Neal Craig: 9
Overall Remember Me: 10

Red Dawn

Red Dawn (2012)

     This movie begins with a normal teenagers life. They are all at a football game that the Wolverines end up losing. I like to think of things a little bit differently then others: the lost the battle but they won the war. When the bombing begins the next morning they are just as shocked as anyone would be. The acting in this movie was very well done. Josh Peck as Matt did a wonderful job creating the younger brother who just wanted to be found. Then of course there is Chris Hemsworth who plays Jed. He was an amazing actor, he took everything to the right point. And I mean who could forget that speech? They picked exactly the right person for the character. He made the audience feel something. Now everyone wants to be a Wolverine. When he died it was sad, something inside of the audience died. When Matt said Jed's speech at the end I think everyone felt proud. They made us feel proud of those who fight for us and they made us feel proud of our country. Anyone who watched the one from the 1980's knew who died in that one. Only two made it out alive. I love the way they did this movie. Though I do think that Isabel Lucas (Erica) should have looked a little bit more together. Though other then that she was a great actor, sometimes I feel she might have overplayed the part but overall great job, Isabel! Josh Hutcherson was the perfect man for Robert. C. Thomas Howell was the second best actor in the 1984 version of Red Dawn (under Patrick Swayze). Josh Hutcherson played the part so well he acted it just right, playing the sadness of his character and also the vulnerability. He played the average not so strong person who wouldn't be amazing right away in a war. I believe he was the best actor in this film.

"We're not doing to bad for a bunch of kids. Were gonna fight and were gonna keep fighting because it's easier now and were used to it. But the rest of you are going to have a tougher choice because were not going to sell it to you it's too ugly for that. But when your fighting in your own back yard when your fighting for your family. It all hurts a little less and makes a little more sense. Because for them this is just some place but for us...this is our home." Jed and Matt Ekirt
Josh Hutcherson as Robert: 10
Chris Hemsworth as Jed: 10
Josh Peck as Matt: 9
Isabel Lucas as Erica: 8
Adrianne Palicki as Toni: 9
Overall Red Dawn 2012 Film: 10