Sunday, September 15, 2013

Narnia The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe

Narnia the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

     Welcome to the magical land of Narnia. The actors are merely children in this film but act very well. This movie was so well put together who didn't believe in Narnia when they were a kid? Thanks to this movie I sure did and I don't plan to stop. Anna Popplewell was my first favorite actress aside from Vanessa Hudgens. Actually before this URL was brittanymovies it was annarules101. She was my favorite. I loved the way she played the character, Susan Pevensie. Georgie Henley was so small and young in this film but she had to act like a little kid that wasn't understood. She did a very good job but I think that Skander Keynes had a tougher acting challenge. He not only had to be the kid that wasn't understood he also couldn't be on his families side. I think he did a wonderful job creating this character and then bringing him on the journey that the audience felt. We all felt the journey and we all watched it as he lived it. Peter was leader of the family and had to show more courage then a thirteen year old boy should have. This movie had the right amount of action and the right amount of imagination. It was only the beginning of the Narnia's and I think they only got better. Of course nothing can over shine how it all started with a little girl and some curiosity.

"For Narnia and for Aslan!" five star quote.

"Do not cite the deep magic to me witch. I was there when it was written." five star quote.

"To the radian southern sun I give you Queen Susan the Valiant." five star quote.

"And to the clear northern sky I give you King Peter the Magnificent." five star quote.

William Moseley as Peter Pevensie: 10
Anna Popplewell as Susan Pevensie: 10
Skander Keynes as Edmund Pevensie: 10
Georgie Henley as Lucy Pevensie: 10
Overall Narnia the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe: 10

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