Monday, September 9, 2013

New Moon

New Moon

     This film introduces all of the werewolves to the audience. We learned a little bit about the werewolves before but now was time for the fun part. Of course all of the teenagers girls scream when they see the werewolves. This is just one of the amazing qualities they put into the werewolves. Each Quileute had to be picked so perfectly or risk messing up the entire thing. Jacob Black played by Taylor Lautner was so well picked he became extremely famous. I mean what girl didn't want to marry him? Paul was the best chosen because he fits perfectly. Every aspect of his character made sense with the character in the story. Alex (as Paul) made you feel angry with Paul but also in love with him at the same time. Quil was another great find. Tyson Housemen played his character, the funny kind of quirky kid that just tries to fit in with the big guys. Sam Uley is someone that everyone almost dislikes from the beginning and I personally began to dislike him more and more through out the movies. Chaske Spencer did a wonderful job creating the dislike slowly but making sure there was a hint of trust. Now everyone has to agree with me that Embry was the cutest of the werewolves in New Moon (not including Jacob). He was funny and very likable. It is a very good thing the casting directors picked right because these werewolves will be there until the end. The actors then acted through the next four movies. Taylor was such a good actor in all of the movies but people who were team Edward might turn to team Jacob after watching this one. He made the audience fall in love with him. We fell in love with his relationship with Bella and wanted it to go forward but Edward stepped in. Though this is not my favorite Twilight it is very important in the mix of them.

"These violent delights have violent ends and in their triumph die like fire and powder which as they kiss consume," five star quote.

"Have you ever had a secret one you couldn't tell anyone? One that wasn't yours to share?" four star quote.

Chaske Spencer as Sam Uley: 9
Alex Meraz as Paul: 10
Kiowa Gordan as Embry Call: 10
Tyson Housemen as Quil Ateara: 9
Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black: 10
New Moon Overall: 8

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