Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ultimate Catching Fire Movie Test Part One

Ultimate Catching Fire Movie Test Part One
Remember be specific don't skip anything. Remember to answer the question fully and think about it clearly. Answer in the comments section or email me the answers. 
May the odds be ever in your favor.

  1. Where is Katniss when you see her first?
  2. What does Katniss see when she tries to shoot the turkeys?
  3. What is Hyamitch's response to "Ask me what?"?
  4. Finish the sentence by Peeta, "I almost thought that___"
  5. What is Prim's response to "Yes to live,"?
  6. What does Peeta say when he fins out he has to propose?
  7. How many siblings does Rue have?
  8. Finish the sentence- "The tributes are to be reaped on______."
  9. What is the first district to rebel?
  10. What does Peeta try to give the families of Rue and Thresh?
  11. What does Katniss have to say about Panem on the victory tour that Effie wrote?
  12. What is Peeta's response when Katniss says, "Stay with me,"?
  13. What is the name of the new head peacekeeper?
  14. Who steps in front of Gale while he is being whipped?
  15. Who is with Katniss when the Quarter Quell is announced?
  16. Where is Peeta when he watches the Quarter Quell being read?
  17. Who is chosen as tribute for District 12?
  18. Who are the names of the tributes form District one?
  19. What victor changed their teeth to be sharp?
  20. What is Finnick payed on back in the Capitol?
  21. What is Peeta's response when Katniss says "He wanted to know all my secrets,"?
  22. What is Haymitch's response to "Thanks let's do it again sometime," by Johanna?
  23. Finish the sentence, "We don't have to destroy her____"
  24. How many seconds counted down the games?
  25. Who was on the right of Katniss in the beginning of the games in her quarter?
  26. Who does Katniss shoot in the leg?
  27. What is the symbol of the rebellion for Katniss to trust Finnick in the games?
  28. Who did Katniss want for allies?
  29. Who were the first two allies Katniss and Peeta got in the arena?
  30. What did the vote say from Haymitch when they received a spile?
  31. What was the first bad thing to happen from the clock?
  32. Why did Mags sacrifice herself?
  33. What helped the blisters form the fog?
  34. What were the creatures that attacked them?
  35. Who was the person that sacrificed themselves for Peeta?
  36. What did Johanna call Wiress and Beetee?
  37. What was the rain Johanna for caught in?
  38. What did Johanna say about Blight?
  39. What did Effie say about the victors village?
  40. Why did Katniss know the arena was a clock?
  41. What happened at midnight in the arena?
  42. Who was on the pictures in the locket that Peeta showed Katniss?

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