Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ultimate Catching Fire Movie Test Part 2

Ultimate Catching Fire Movie Test Part 2
Remember to be specific, answer fully and may the odds be ever in your favor!

  1. What did Peeta say when he gave her the locket?
  2. What was Peeta's response to, "What about you?" by Katniss?
  3. What did Katniss say after the answer to #44?
  4. What does Johna sat to Peeta and Katniss when they are on the beach?
  5. Who makes the plan with the lighting tree?
  6. What does Peeta see in the sky that makes him sad when the anthem plays?
  7. Who is the first person Katniss hears in the mockingjays?
  8. Finish the sentence: "Your fiancĂ© is right the whole________"
  9. Who does Finnick hear in the woods in the mocking jays?
  10. Who takes the night watch when the fog comes?
  11. How can the others help with the plan according to Beetee?
  12. Who stays with Beetee as guards?
  13. What is the last thing Katniss says to Peeta?
  14. What is Johanna doing when she cuts at Katniss's wrist?
  15. What does Johanna say after smearing blood on Katniss's neck?
  16. Who cuts the wire?
  17. Who was the first person Finnick was looking for?
  18. What does Finnick say so that Katniss won't shoot him?
  19. What does Katniss do that destroys the arena?
  20. Where does Katniss wake up after the arena is destroyed?
  21. Who does Katniss wake up next to?
  22. What does Haymitch sat about Katniss bringing a syringe in?
  23. Where is Peeta?
  24. WHo is in the room with Haymitch and Katniss on the hovercraft?
  25. Where are they all going?
  26. Why does Katniss attack Haymitch?
  27. What did Katniss call Hyamitch right before she blacks out?
  28. What is the last thing said in the movie?
  29. What did Haymitch promise Katniss in the beginning?
  30. What did Haymitch say to Katniss about deserving Peeta?
  31. What did Haymitch say about the train?
  32. What was Haymitch's response to "I came for a drink,"?
  33. What does Effie refer to all of them as?
  34. What were they all created by at District 11?
  35. Why was a man shot in District 11?
  36. What was an element taken away from the games?
  37. What did Peeta do to show the game maker and the people scoring him?
  38. What did Peeta say about the wave in the arena?
  39. What did Katniss do for her showing to the game maker and the people scoring her?
  40. How much time did they have to show their talent?
  41. Who showed Katniss how to see forcefeilds?

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