Movie, Character and Actor Updates

The movie everyone has been waiting for has come out today!! Everyone needs to go check out Divergent. From the majorly attractive actors to the intense and brutal action this is a must see. (March 21, 2014)

One of the best actors there is has a birthday today. That's right Die Hard fans!! It's Bruce Willis' birthday!!!! Happy birthday Bruce Willis! Every roll he is in is non stop hilarious and filled with action. From the original Die Hard to G.I. Joe Retaliation he is a well rounded action packed guy. Happy birthday to one of my favorite and most respected actors! (March 19, 2014)

Happy birthday to Lily Collins! In Abduction and The Mortal Instruments she is always so pretty. Happy birthday Lily. (March 18, 2014)

Happy birthday to Kellan Lutz! He is not only the amazing Hercules but also Emmett Cullen in the Twilight saga! Happy birthday Kellan!! (March 15, 2014)

The very amazing Catching Fire comes out on dvd today!! Everybody get it!!! (March 7, 2014)

Today is a very special birthday. Today is Taylor Lautner's birthday!! Happy birthday to an amazing actor in Abduction, Sharkboy and Lavagril and even Twilight!! You have done it all and will continue to as well! Happy birthday to my favorite actor!! (January 11, 2014)

Happy birthday to the incredible actress and director, Elizabeth Banks! From Hunger Games to Pitch Perfect it seems like you can do it all, Elizabeth! Happy birthday! (February 10, 2014)

The amazing new movie Gimme Shelter comes out today! Everyone should go and check it out! Come on, it's Vanessa Hudgens. (January 24, 2014)

Today is something very special. Today is a very special birthday. Happy birthday to the amazing fictional character, Jacob Black. Jacob is not only a great and strong alpha in his wolf pack but also a great friend to Bella and Nessie. Happy birthday to my favorite werewolf, Jake! (January 14, 2014)

Today is the Fosters premiere!!! Everyone check out the winter premiere of the amazing, emotional, moving and intense show, the Fosters! (January 13, 2014)

Happy birthday to Liam Hemsworth!!! The amazing Gale in Hunger Games. (January 13, 2014)

One of the best war movies of all time comes out today!! Everybody go see the Lone Survivor! (January 10, 2014)

Happy New Year!!! (January 1, 2014)

Today is a very special actress' birthday. My favorite character in Narnia, Susan Pevensie. Happy Birthday Anna Popplewell!!!! (December 16, 2013)

Happy birthday to one of the coolest actors from Twilight. Happy birthday to Jackson Rathbone (played Jasper Hale)!! (December 14, 2013)

Very happy birthday to my first favorite actress, from High School Musical, Vanessa Hudgens. Happy Birthday Vanessa! (December 14, 2013)

Happy birthday to the great actress Annasophia Robb!! Wonderful in Race to Which Mountain and moving in Soul Surfer! Happy birthday! (December 8, 2013)

Happy birthday to the amazing actor from the Fosters, Jake T. Austin. He is my favorite actor from the fosters. All of your fans are wishing you a happy birthday Jake! (December 3, 2013)

Rest in peace, Paul Walker who died in a car accident. Fast and Furious will not be the same without you. Goodbye to an amazing actor, from all of your fans! (November 30, 2013)

Happy birthday to Peter Facinelli!!! He was an amazing actor as Carlisle Cullen in the Twilight Saga!! Have a wonderful birthday, Peter! (November 26, 2013)

Happy birthday Miley Cyrus! (November 23, 2013)

Catching Fire was absolutely amazing! It came out officially today!! Who saw it? I saw it yesterday and today, so good!! Great job to Francis Lawrence, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth! (November 22, 2013)

Today was the day that Breaking Dawn Part Two came out in theaters last year. I was so excited to see it and it was my favorite movie for a very long time. It defiantly changed lives. It was the end of saga, the end of an amazing love and will always be important to me. (November 16, 2013)

Happy birthday to Josh Peck!!! Amazing in Red Dawn and SUPER funny in Drake and Josh! Your a great actor! Happy birthday, Josh!! (November 10, 2013)

Happy birthday to the amazing Mackenzie Foy!!! From our little Renesmee in Twilight to The Conjuring your an amazing little access!! Happy birthday Mackenzie! (November 10, 2013)

Happy Birthday to Carrie Fisher! The amazing Princess Leia! I met her twice down in Orlando, Florida . Happy Birthday Carrie! (October 21, 2013)

From Troy Bolton to Charlie St. Cloud Zac Efron has been a great actor since the start! He was my first favorite actor and he is the reason my favorite number is 14. (Troy Bolton's basketball number in High School Musical). Happy Birthday to Zac Efron!! (October 18, 2013)

Today is my favorite actors birthday! Happy Birthday to the very amazing Josh Hutcherson!! Hope you have an amazing birthday I can't wait to see you on the big screen on November 21 at midnight for Catching Fire!! (October 12, 2013)

Everybody go see Captain Phillips! It starts today and looks amazing! (October 11, 2013)

Happy Birthday to Kate Winslet from Titanic!! You did a very wonderful job playing Rose. Have a wonderful birthday! (October 5, 2013)

Today is somebody very special's birthday! He is a celebrity to some. He was on Extreme 4 by 4, makes Deadmua5 heads, kind of crazy, to many people he is Tom Bostic. But to me he is Daddy! Happy birthday Daddy!!! (October 4, 2013)

Happy birthday to one of the best celebrity in my book! Not everybody know's her but I sure do! Happy Birthday mom (Sherry Bostic)!!! (September 28, 2013)

Happy birthday to Mark Hamill! May the Force be with you on this very special day! (September 25, 2013)

Happy birthday to Abby Lee Miller! One of the best dance teachers! Watch Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition and Dance Moms! (September 21, 2013)

Happy birthday to the person who started it all. The fictional character who wasn't and will never be fictional to me and many people. Thank you Kristen Stewart and Stephanie Meyer for creating this character into someone who is unforgettable. Happy birthday Bella! (September 13, 2013)

Happy birthday Paul Walker! From The Fast and The Furious! (September 12, 2013)

Happy birthday Nessie Cullen! Renesmee will turn 7 today! That means she is now full grown and looks like she is 17! The Twilight fans are wondering how Nessie and Jacob are doing now that she is a grown up. Though today being 9/11 is a very sad day to remember those who died 12 years ago, there is something good that comes to today. Happy birthday Ness! (September 11, 2013)

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