Saturday, September 21, 2013

G.I. Joe Retaliation

G.I. Joe Retaliation

     This is a great film with a lot of great actors and quotes. The Rock was perfect for Roadblock equally funny and compelling. Channing Tatum is great in every movie of course. He creates a legacy that he leaves behind for his character. I am sure Channing Tatum wasn't very happy about not doing action the entire movie but what he was in was great. Adrianne Palicki was a great actress in Red Dawn as Toni. And now she is Lady Jaye. She was beautiful when she had to be but had a real story. She did well being one of the only females in the group. She was funny and precise with her character. Bruce Willis is one of the best actors of all time! In the Die Hard movies he couldn't have been better! Bruce Willis was hilarious and perfect for the role of Joe. And come on his house is more then cool. The guns in the cabinets and under the seat cushions. The grenades in the fruit basket. And the tank in the garage was the coolest thing! The settings of the entire movie were done very well. Snake Eyes was played by the same guy that played Darth Maul in Star Wars. No wonder he could do all of those tricks. The audience could be a bit confused for a number of different things. One, didn't Snake Eyes die in G.I. Joe Rise of the Cobra? Where did Lady Jaye come from and what happened to the last girl that was in Rise of the Cobra? Why did she disappear? But I do have to say Retaliation was much better then the first. The first was very space movie and the acting could have been a bit better too. G.I. Joe Retaliation kept your attention and was enjoyable.

"Drive it like you stole it!" five star quote.

"As your good friend, you need a new catchphrase." five star quote.

"Well the good news is no global warming summit next month." five star quote.

"In the immortal words of Jay-Z, Whatever deity my guide my life, dear lord don't let me die tonight. But if I shall die before I wake I'd accept my fate." five star quote.

"Anyone ever tell you, you fight ugly." five star quote.

"Let's move! The world ain't saving itself." five star quote.

Channing Tatum as Duke: 10
The Rock as Roadblock: 10
Adrianne Palicki as Lady Jaye: 9
Bruce Willis as Joe: 10
Overall G.I. Joe Retaliation: 8

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