Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ultimate Hunger Games Test Part One

This is the Ultimate Hunger Games Test Part One!
Answer in the comments section!
Remember to be specific! Read the questions carefully! Be careful with your answers! Go for it!
May the odds be ever in your favor!
  1. Who says the first sentence in the movie?
  2. How many times was Gale's name in the pot for the reaping?
  3. How many times was Prim's name in the pot for the reaping?
  4. What did Greasy Sae tell Katniss when she gave her the mockingjay pin?
  5. Who is crying in the car on the way to the train?
  6. What did a tribute beat another tribute with in the old Hunger Games Katniss was watching on the train?
  7. What did Katniss stab on the train with Haymitch?
  8. How many piercings does Cinna have?
  9. What does Peeta say when Cinna tells him, "It's not real flame,"
  10. What does Peeta say when he try's to hold Katniss's hand?
  11. What did President Snow call the Hunger Games?
  12. Which level does District 12 stay on in the hotel?
  13. What does Haymitch pick up to eat when he tells Katniss, "we will be going down at nine,"
  14. What does Katniss say Peeta can throw right over his head?
  15. Where does Katniss shoot the squirrel every time?
  16. What was Rue's score?
  17. What was Peeta's score?
  18. Finish the sentence, "I just don't want to be another_________." quote by Peeta
  19. What was Katniss's response to "I guess I'll see you tomorrow?"
  20. Where is Gale when the games begin?
  21. Who does Katniss run ninth after she's in the woods in the games?
  22. Where does Katniss sleep in the games?
  23. Where does Katniss get burned?
  24. Who is the first career tribute to spot Katniss?
  25. Where is Katniss when she is first spotted?
  26. What does Glimmer call Katniss as Katniss climbs up a tree?
  27. What is Katniss's suggestion to Cato when she's in the tree, "Why don't you_____."
  28. What district is Cato from?
  29. How many times was Katniss stung by the Tracker Jackers?
  30. Who does Katniss see in the woods after she is stung by Tracker Jackers?
  31. How many arrows does Katniss shoot at the bad of apples before they drop?
  32. What does Marvel throw that kills Rue?
  33. What did Rue ask right before she died?
  34. What did Katniss tell Rue once she had died?
  35. Finish the Sentence: "Two victors may be____ if they both ___________."

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