Sunday, September 15, 2013



     Another film with Taylor Lautner's amazing acting and great looks. As him the main character in this movie he had to play a very angry teenager who just wants to party. But when he realizes that the people living in his house aren't his parents he begins to question his life. When he finds out that he is on a missing persons website he wants to know who he really is. It wasn't his mission to find out but the people who killed his parents want him too. The first time the audience see's this film it is confusing and like the Bourne movies you have to watch it twice to understand what is truly going on. Lily Collins who plays his love interest isn't as well known as Taylor Lautner. But she was a very good actress. Her character is only dragged into it all and their chemistry was out of this world. Every audience member loved the scene on the train. The entire movie was very well put together and very well acted through as well. Almost all of the movie is just about Taylor and Lily. Lily's character Karen, must play hard to get until of course Nathan finds out his life has been a lie. Then they become a team and have to run away together. They don't even know what their running from but it is their search and mission to find out. This movie is very well acted and well done. It has the perfect amount of action and romance. It's perfect. The quotes are out of this world.

"If you wanna play by no rules you better be careful what you let out the box." five star quote.

"Trust needs to be earned." five star quote.

"Yeah but you gotta admit it was one pretty exciting first date." five star quote.

"You wanna drink like a man let's see if you can fight like one." five star quote.

Taylor Lautner as Nathan: 10
Lily Collins as Karen: 10
Overall Abduction: 10

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