Sunday, September 8, 2013

Red Dawn

Red Dawn (2012)

     This movie begins with a normal teenagers life. They are all at a football game that the Wolverines end up losing. I like to think of things a little bit differently then others: the lost the battle but they won the war. When the bombing begins the next morning they are just as shocked as anyone would be. The acting in this movie was very well done. Josh Peck as Matt did a wonderful job creating the younger brother who just wanted to be found. Then of course there is Chris Hemsworth who plays Jed. He was an amazing actor, he took everything to the right point. And I mean who could forget that speech? They picked exactly the right person for the character. He made the audience feel something. Now everyone wants to be a Wolverine. When he died it was sad, something inside of the audience died. When Matt said Jed's speech at the end I think everyone felt proud. They made us feel proud of those who fight for us and they made us feel proud of our country. Anyone who watched the one from the 1980's knew who died in that one. Only two made it out alive. I love the way they did this movie. Though I do think that Isabel Lucas (Erica) should have looked a little bit more together. Though other then that she was a great actor, sometimes I feel she might have overplayed the part but overall great job, Isabel! Josh Hutcherson was the perfect man for Robert. C. Thomas Howell was the second best actor in the 1984 version of Red Dawn (under Patrick Swayze). Josh Hutcherson played the part so well he acted it just right, playing the sadness of his character and also the vulnerability. He played the average not so strong person who wouldn't be amazing right away in a war. I believe he was the best actor in this film.

"We're not doing to bad for a bunch of kids. Were gonna fight and were gonna keep fighting because it's easier now and were used to it. But the rest of you are going to have a tougher choice because were not going to sell it to you it's too ugly for that. But when your fighting in your own back yard when your fighting for your family. It all hurts a little less and makes a little more sense. Because for them this is just some place but for us...this is our home." Jed and Matt Ekirt
Josh Hutcherson as Robert: 10
Chris Hemsworth as Jed: 10
Josh Peck as Matt: 9
Isabel Lucas as Erica: 8
Adrianne Palicki as Toni: 9
Overall Red Dawn 2012 Film: 10

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