Friday, September 13, 2013



     Elysium had a wonderful story line. It was a very well done movie. The graphics were great, the characters were done well but it was a little too gory for my taste. It wasn't gross but it was unnecessarily gross. I did like the way they portrayed years from now. They show the horrible provisions and land on Earth. The sets were really well done and the acting by Matt Damon and the other actors was good as well. Matt Damon looked great in this film, as he does every other film, and he really felt the part. The child was a great touch. They added a child that needed to go to Elysium and in the end **Spoiler Alert** he gives his life for her. It is a very sweet and great film that is done. However overall I was not happy that I saw it. The goriness of the film was too much and I didn't like that it took away from the film. It made the film become impossible, that someones face could be blown off from a bomb and then be reconstructed. It seems impossible. Also the butcher with the dirty knife and the bloody apron in a dark creepy concrete room has been done in horror movies before. It seemed more like a horror movie and less like an action movie. The entire movie was a very good concept and well done but annoying for someone who wants to just watch the entire movie without feeling like a horror movie.

Matt Damon as Max: 10
Jodie Foster as Delacourt: 9
Overall Elysium: 6

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